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We are all responsible. We must all be part of the solution.

LIV GRN is a unique lifestyle brand dedicated to perpetuating the health of our planet. It is geared toward the modern-day eco-savvy market – merging style and comfort with earth sustaining materials.

LIV GRN is a statement, both in its ecological approach and in the literal message imprinted on every piece in the line. It is a simple, unadorned call to action, a voice contributing to a growing and insistent movement. The LIV GRN ladybug logo, integral to every design, is a reminder of how fragile our ecosystem is and how much it needs our care. LIV GRN apparel is designed for everyone. It’s brand philosophy is transparent: Smart, simple, savvy, affordable, ethical. Its goal is to inspire, motivate, teach and inform.

LIV GRN BUG Just wearing LIV GRN strengthens the cause by spreading the message. Beyond this, 10% of every sale is donated to Global Green, one of the world’s largest and most recognized green charities. The organization’s mission is to “foster a global value shift toward a secure and sustainable future.”

The most effective solutions to climate change are adopted only when they are effectively communicated to policy makers and the public by people in society with genuine influence. Global Green is spearheaded by Leonardo DiCaprio, Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt. In just the past three years, Global Green has reached hundreds of millions of people around the world through its innovative celebrity campaigns.

LIV GRN Threads

LIV GRN is a movement, told through inspired graphics, clean, and vibrant palettes. Organic threads and bold words that feature an eco-affectionate logo, with images that both inspire community and invoke a responsible call for planetary action.

The LIV GRN collection draws inspiration from the modern-day Eco enthusiast, creating a look that is both sexy and carefree, with an edge of sophistication. Consistent attention to detail, quality and modern styling position LIV GRN at the forefront of casual fashion, where global inspiration meets everyday needs.

LIV GRN. You can be the change. You can make a difference.

LIV GRN Commitment

LIV GRN donates 10% of profits to GLOBAL GREEN